Our restoration services include many categories. Wood sculptures and repairs. Ornate wooden moldings and hand carved doors. Restoring wooden doors damaged by water and weather. Using structural adhesives, she will replace missing wood and wood carvings, which can be later be sanded and stained. This medium is not limited to any thickness and has a lifetime guarantee. The final finish imparts water and insect resistance. Nancy is a skilled artist and craftsperson with a trained staff of experienced artists working under her supervision to perform only the highest standards in restoration.

Whether your fine sculpted statuary is stone, wood or plaster, repairs can be made on site without disturbing your sanctuary and church interior. Using sag resistant compounds that will bond to any surface for repairs. Structural crack-injected resins prevent further deterioration and is permanent. The artist then matches the color of values on the original sculpture or wall stencil, etc to finish the restoration.

Non-toxic polyurethane paste will make duplicate molds crafted by the artist to replace broken or missing architectural components, capitols, statuary and reliefs. They are then fit and sculpted into place for beautiful end results.









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