Interior Design

After several decades of "less is more," we are seeing a craving for a sense of detail in our lives. This is reflected in the return of architectural embellishments and in the treatment of all decorative surfaces.

Fabrics, wall-coverings, and painted surfaces all reveal complex layering of color, design, and texture. Architects, designers, and consumers are discovering the elegant surface treatments that decorative painting can provide. Glazing and other techniques impart a richness and depth of color that cannot be achieved with conventional methods of paint application.

The artistry used today can only be found in individual art studios like Nancy Stamm's Galleria, which specializes in artistic paint finishes and interior design. With over twenty-five years experience and fully insured, Nancy takes the confusion out and replaces it with knowledge in the world of design. As a color consultant she will help you decide on what is right for your commercial business or home with confidence.




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