About the Artist

Nancy Stamm has been a dedicated artist for over twenty five years. It was during her studies abroad in France, that she developed an appreciation for artistic restoration and conservation. Over the past seven years she has used her artistic skills to enhance many church interiors. In keeping with European standards, she has carefully blended the old with the new.

She has studied and mastered successfully faux finishes for marble alters, and wood graining. Venetian plaster walls are sanded by hand with siliconized paper for a finish that is beyond compare. Her beautiful hand painted stations of the cross are individual works of art, filled with carefully researched detail and realistic portrayal.

A skilled gilder, she has enhanced religious architecture with gilded ornamentation. The capitols of marble columns come to life with the iridescent quality of gold. She has gilded lettering for the Station of the Cross, as well as the Nicene Creed. She has restored and painted icons for many churches and individual clients.

Working with traditional methods, she has practiced her timing with restoration plaster to achieve only the highest level of perfection when repairing plaster statues and ornamentation.


Although she is considered a specialist by general contractors, that she has worked for from time to time, she has completed several commercial interiors for churches entirely on her own. Her murals on ceilings and sanctuary walls have earned her the title of a modern day artist with a European style all her own.

Nancy Stamm's Galleria - 2 North Hanover Street - Carlisle, PA 17013 Call: 717-240-0551